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Here at DENTIST Strategies we specialize in CUSTOM WEB DESIGN for Dentists.

Dentist Strategies was formed in recognition of an opportunity for dentists to reduce operating expenses and increase profits, while creating MORE time for your patients. This is accomplished through an evolutionary breakthrough taking an expense you currently are obligated to pay every month and converting it into an investment that reduces expenses, increases profits, increases revenues, and creates new revenue sources.

Dentist Strategies provides the consulting, products, and services that enable the conversion of an expense to an INVESTMENT, with the guidance of a personal consultant to ENSURE the program is successful to its' fullest capability.


Changing The Way You See The Cost Of Business

There is an expense looming in your income statement sucking away at your profits. An expense that increases as your business increases, not related to overhead, equipment, or anything else that contributes to your practice generating revenues. It is an expense you only incur solely due to a component of our economy you can't avoid. That expense is the invoice you pay every month to the credit card processor for accepting payment by credit card.

Credit card processing companies bill you to collect funds they are paid a commission on from financial institutions. In most every case they charge extraordinary fees to use the credit card terminal required to collect the funds. You pay an employee to collect the funds while your credit card processor bills you the maximum they can in order to make a profit at your expense.

Now you have the opportunity to have a portion of that expense, without increasing it, invested into a profitable asset for you by Dentist Strategies. Our commitment to see you grow by this investment is accompanied by a host of complimentary products and services brought to you by Dentist Strategies. At Dentist Strategies we appreciate your business and will do everything we can to support it because your growth is our growth.

You practice dentistry to provide a healthy state of wellbeing for your patients and you care for your patients. However, your practice is still a business and you need to make business decisions to ensure the success of your practice, decisions to make a profit. Dentist Strategies invites you to its' revolutionary program in which we will share our commission from the credit card processing fees you pay to help grow your practice, secure its' future, and continue to provide the best possible care for your patients.

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We understand the need for your new website to perform. Here you aren't working with a guy working in his basement. You will have access to developers, designers, and internet marketers. Your paid advertising campaigns must return measurable sales. Make the smart decision and talk to one of our experts today to see how we can help you. We are a one stop internet marketing company here to make your life easy.

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We're a web development and internet firm specializing in designing and marketing websites for dentists.

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